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Our Goal

Putting fusion energy on the grid

Fusion is the energy source at the center of each star. It powers our universe with clean, nearly unlimited energy.

Thanks to recent advances in technology and steady experimental progress, we are now ready to make the step to commercial fusion. If you want to contribute directly to transforming the world’s energy grid, this is the place to be.

Why join our team?

Work on harnessing the universe's fundamental energy source

Collaborate with incredible partners

We are not doing this alone. Our lead partners at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) designed and built the groundbreaking Wendelstein 7-X experimental device.

We are working closely with leading fusion research groups across the world, from Max Planck IPP to IST-Lisbon, as well as European technology incubators such as UnternehmerTUM in Munich.

Join a deeply motivated and passionate team

Everybody at Proxima Fusion has a key role to play, especially at this early stage. Join us and you can shape the future of both the company and of the world's energy supply.

Our international team joins us from world-leading institutions and companies. We work with fusion experts and engineers who have worked on technology such as Formula 1 cars, autonomous aircraft and spacecraft CPUs.

Mission first

There's no room for ego or politics. Every decision should come back to "does this make fusion more likely".

Moving at speed

We experiment and try things quickly so that we can learn as fast as possible. We have no bias towards the status quo.

High standards

We want to work with the best of the best and take pride in everything we do. Rapid prototyping doesn't mean settling for second best.

What we are looking for

We are looking for ambitious, visionary candidates with a wide range of backgrounds - from recent graduates with some industry experience through to seasoned team leads and researchers.

As a start-up we all have to wear many hats, so we really value breadth of skills and enthusiasm for tackling new challenges. If you have a track record of solving hard problems and achieving great results, then we would love to hear from you.

Valuing diversity in all forms

We firmly believe in the strength of diverse teams and, thus, encourage applications from individuals with backgrounds that are not typical for our industry.

Our industry often attracts the same sorts of people. But to crack an epochal challenge, we need as many different perspectives as possible.

Fusion energy will be for everyone. We intend to build a company that reflects that.

We believe in being a company where ability, not prior achievement, takes center stage. If you don’t see a perfect role fit then speculative applications for exceptional candidates with broad experience are always welcome.

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