Who we are

We are a fusion energy startup based in Munich

We believe that fusion has the potential to provide abundant, clean and safe energy. That’s why we are taking the technical approach with the clearest path to grid deployment.

Our Vision

Clean energy,
for good

Enabling human ambitions in a future with fusion energy.

Photo: MPI for Plasma Physics, Jan Michael Hosan

Photo: MPI for Plasma Physics, Jan Michael Hosan

Our Mission

Building stellarators to power the future

QI stellarators offer the clearest, most robust path to fusion energy

Meet Proxima

Our Team

Our team comes together from some of the world’s most innovative institutions, including Max Planck IPP, MIT, McLaren Racing, Google X, TUM, EPFL, Stanford, KIT, Harvard, Cambridge, and CentraleSupélec.

We are working closely with world-leading fusion research institutions, including the Max Planck IPP and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), leveraging decades of experience gained by the European fusion ecosystem.


Help us put fusion energy on the grid

We are tackling the full breadth of stellarator power plant design, focusing on a simulation-first approach. Our goal is to not only demonstrate physics performance and engineering feasibility but also commercial viability for our concept.

We are working with energy companies and key technologies suppliers across Europe to bring this vision to reality.

Behind Proxima


This is not a journey that we undertake alone. We are working alongside an entire ecosystem: private investors, governments, regulators, suppliers and other fusion companies.

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